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The Sleeping Canvases are heretical arts and artifacts, not meant for the faithful to see. No piece of art can imitate the holy beauty of the Miracle. While blasphemous documents end up in the Library of the Negated Words, depictions of false idols end up here. Their previous owners are exiled, if they're lucky.

This area has two passages to the Library of Negated Words, one at the beginning, before the first Prie Dieu altar, and another at the end, after the boss fight. There is also a passage to Mercy Dreams through a section of small platforms and swinging blades.

The Sleeping Canvases includes multiple instances of large, curved blades swinging side to side from above. Old paintings and artworks are strewn across every room, and one of them in particular plays a significant role in the Children of Moonlight quest. A large mural of a bull standing in front of the moon and surrounded by cherubs can be found in a room to the left of the second Prie Dieu altar. Interacting with it causes a voice to address the Penitent One, asking him to "guide my brothers back to me". This is the voice of Jocinero.

There is a puzzle room in the bottom right section of this area, the room with three paintings: one of a bleeding palm and the other two depicting a blue and red candle. To solve this puzzle, equip the Big Bead of Blue Wax and Big Bead of Red Wax rosary beads. Then, hold down RANGED ATTACK to cause damage. A door on the right will appear and inside the room will be a Mea Culpa Heart.

Candelaria has a shop located after a room with multiple swinging blades, a horde of Armature enemies, and an Amargura. She sells the Wicker Knot, Empty Bile Vessel, and Key of the Inquisitor.

The boss for this area is Expósito, Scion of Abjuration.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Linen of Golden Thread.png Linen of Golden Thread

Given by Jocinero after recovering 20 Children of Moonlight.

Item Frame.pngItem Campanillero to the Sons of the Aurora.png Campanillero to the Sons of the Aurora

Give by Jocinero after recovering all 38 Children of Moonlight.

Item Frame.pngItem Molten Heart of Boiling Blood.png Molten Heart of Boiling Blood

In secret room revealed once the painting puzzle is solved.

Item Frame.pngItem Sooty Garlic.png Sooty Garlic

On a platform on the right wall in the room next to the Prie Dieu altar.

Item Frame.pngItem Medium Bead of Blue Wax.png Medium Bead of Blue Wax

In the cave that connects this area with Mercy Dreams. Must blow out the blue candle.

Item Frame.pngItem Nasal Bone of Charles, the Artist.png Nasal Bone of Charles, the Artist

On a platform directly below the elevator after the boss fight. Requires Linen of Golden Thread to reach.