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"Oh, please forgive me ... penitent one, you stand in the presence of Socorro, our pious Lady of the perpetual agony"

Socorro can be found in a secret room in the Mother of Mothers alongside the monk Cleofas and is a crucial component of the Cleofas' side quest.

She is a young lady with brown hair whose body is covered in scars and open wounds. She doesn't speak with the Penitent One but she can be given the three Marks of Refuge.

Some time ago, Socorro asked the Miracle to have mercy on all men who were sentenced to torture and death, so now she suffers all the pain that would have been inflicted to them instead.

Quest: Rebirth
Speaking with Cleofas and Socorro will start a quest that can end with different results and different rewards depending of the actions of the Penitent One:

The first step is to make Socorro leave the room. It can be done in two different ways and it changes Cleofas' actions afterwards.

Option 1 (Rebirth): Give Socorro the three Marks of Refuge by defeating the three Soldiers of the Anointed Legion in the Archcathedral Rooftops. Doing so will make Cleofas go to the rooftops, left from the first Shrine when entered the Archcathedral Rooftop from Mother of Mothers. DO NOT GO TO HIS ROOM IN THE ROOFTOPS.

Item Frame.pngItem Mark of the First Refuge.png Mark of the First Refuge
Screenshot Location Mark of the First Refuge.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Mark of the Second Refuge.png Mark of the Second Refuge
Screenshot Location Mark of the Second Refuge.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Mark of the Third Refuge.png Mark of the Third Refuge
Screenshot Location Mark of the Third Refuge.jpg
After giving the 3 Marks of Refuges, DO NOT find Cleofas at the rooftop or you will be locked out of the achievement. Talk to Lvdovico in Albero first, he will give you the Cord of the True Burying. Giving it to Cleofas then will cause him to go to Albero instead of him jumping off the roof, where he will give the Tiento to your Thorned Hairs Prayer and this unlocks the Rebirth Achievement:
Achievement Icon Rebirth.jpg

Help Cleofas in his path of redemption.

Option 2: If the Penitent One ends Socorro's suffering, Cleofas will be found in a jail cell in the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions that requires the Key of the Inquisitor to open.

If he is not given the item, after exhausting his dialogue and leaving the room, he will commit suicide. On the other hand, if he is given the item he'll move to the Archcathedral Rooftops, to the left of the first Prie Dieu.

If Cleofas commits suicide by jumping from the Archcathedral Rooftops, Redento will comment on him when he reaches the Patio of the Silent Steps, earning the Crossing Souls Achievement:

Achievement Icon Crossing Souls.jpg

Crossing Souls
Provoke the meeting between Redento and Cleofás.

Exclamation Mark.png
Cleofas' suicide does not provide the prayer reward and the achievement will not be earned if Redento has already left the Patio of the Silent Steps.

Relevant Item Descriptions[]

Item Frame.pngItem Mark of the First Refuge.png

Mark of the First Refuge[]

Socorro spent her childhood in a village which lined a route that Church prisoners, condemned for their crimes and sins, frequently traversed. From the window of her room, she could see how these prisoners climbed a hill in a line so that, when they reached the summit, they would be ready for the punishments and physical tortures reserved for them until they died.

Item Frame.pngItem Mark of the Second Refuge.png

Mark of the Second Refuge[]

Hearing the distant cries of the damned day and night turned Socorro into such a compassionate person that she devoted all her time to praying for those punished. So much did she pray for them to be freed from their pain and suffering that she dared ask the Miracle that the physical pain they were suffering be passed on to her.

Item Frame.pngItem Mark of the Third Refuge.png

Mark of the Third Refuge[]

As the legend goes, the wounds of lashes, cuts and blows received by the condemned began to appear on Socorro's body, and still she prayed for them, despite all that pain transferred to her, thus freeing the condemned from their suffering. So many injuries and so much pain were transferred to her that her body began deforming and drowning completely in wounds and bleeding bruises, but without causing her death. Her cries were so deafening that news of this miraculous event soon spread around the land.




  • Socorro is a Spanish word that translates to "help", "help me" or "aid me".
  • Some of the men that Socorro protected became Soldiers of the Anointed Legion, using her protection to fight enemies of the Church.