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Soldiers of the Anointed Legion are enemies in Blasphemous, dressed in silver armor and red clothes that are doused in oils and blessed by His Holiness Escribar. They use a blunt force weapon that resembles an aspergillum, an instrument used by the Roman Catholic Church for sprinkling holy water.

Three Soldiers found in the Archcathedral Rooftops drop one of the Three Marks of Refuge each, required for the Socorro and Cleofas quest. Upon first encountering these three, the exits on either side of the platform will close and not open until the enemy has been defeated.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Hammer Spin: The enemy will spin a few times while his hammer is imbued with lightning.
  • Hammer Blow: The enemy will swing his hammer in front of him.
  • Lightning Summon: The enemy will smash his hammer on the ground and summon a bolt of lightning in front of him.

Increased health, higher damage output, and more variation in attacks make Soldiers of the Anointed Legion more difficult than the average enemy. However, the Hammer Spin and Hammer Blow attacks can be parried while the Lightning Summon can be dodged through. Parrying and dodging is the recommended strategy for defeating these enemies as quickly as possible.