Blasphemous Wiki

Prayer that ignites the blood with unbridled fervour. For a while, the quick attacks of The Penitent One are replaced with a devastating blow that annihilates enemies.

Acquired in Jondo. Requires Three Gnarled Tongues to obtain. From the Prie Dieu, descend down the ladder to the right and jump to the furthest ladder on the right. Drop onto the platform below and ascend the climbable wall to the right. Continue to the right and then drop down to the next platform. Climb the roots from the right side. The prayer is located inside the golden coffin.


Forgive me, Father
Excuse me from this oath

Do not let your eternal Miracle
Take over my soul
And possess my body

For I fear the Miracle,
More than I fear my own torment.


Gives the Penitent One's strikes with the Mea Culpa increased damage (somewhere between the 3rd and 4th hit of a combo's worth), but restricts combo capabilities to only the first and second hit of the standard grounded attack string. Other attacks, such as the charge and downwards plunge strikes, are still available and are also affected by the damage bonus.

Visually, attacks have a thicker trail when the sword is swung.