The Spear of the Cathedra appears to be a bishop of the Mother Church armed with a spear on top of a throne, also called a cathedra, hence the name.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Down Thrust: The Spear of the Cathedra makes a downwards thrust with it's spear.

The Spear of the Cathedra is a relatively dangerous enemy when found in groups. Although it is weak and relatively easy to kill, his attacks stagger the Penitent One with ease. The best way to deal with his enemy is either killing the other enemies nearby as quick as possible or killing the Spear of the Cathedra as quick as possible.

This monster is easily staggered with one attack, and damaged by either a charge attack, a upwards slash, or a jump attack. Stun-locking this enemy while solo is an easy way to deal with it's threat. Air impulses are also extremely effective on this enemy type.


  • When the Penitent One kills one of these monsters it is shown that, even if it looks like a man sitting on a chair, it is actually fused to it from the lower part of its spine.


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