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When the Penitent One dies, erring in his Penance, a Guilt Fragment is anchored in the world. The weight of Guilt accumulates, and reduces the gain of Fervor and Tears of Atonement, as well as the maximum Fervor. Collecting Guilt Fragments reverts this status, and the Statues of Confessors serve the same purpose, for a fee.

Main article: Confessor Dungeons

The statues can be destroyed and a portal appears in their place to a mini-dungeon with waves of enemies. Defeat the enemies to receive Tears of Atonement and evolve the Thorn. Requires Weight of True Guilt to enter after destroying the statues. To get this item, equip the Immaculate Bead until it is engulfed in guilt after exactly 3 deaths.


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  1. Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow
  2. Graveyard of the Peaks
  3. Grievance Ascends
  4. Library of the Negated Words
  5. Mercy Dreams
  6. Mother of Mothers
  7. Wall of the Holy Prohibitions


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