• Hi.

    I wanted to coment something with you that I think may be important.

    As you may know, I have been working in the story of the game, after reading the comic book and reading all the lore I think I finally understand everything about The miracle, The Twisted one, The Mother, Mea Culpa, etc.

    I want to write it in the wiki, the problem is that I don't know excatly how to doit, should I adapt all the entrances or shall I write a new page to explain everithing??? 

    Have a nice day.

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    • Hi,

      If it's about a location/character/etc that is in-game, it can go on the page, I'll think about the format, and write a message on this thread soon about it.

      If it's about something that is not directly in the game, make a new page for it and give it Lore category.

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    • OK so, for comic-only stuff, add also "Comics" category to them, and when it comes to images, please make sure you give them sensible names, e.g.

      Comic Deamparado 01.jpg, Comic Deamparado 02.jpg etc.

      If you upload a lore-related image, name it Lore _____ ##.jpg (e.g. Lore CharacterName 01.jpg) to keep it consistent.

      For galleries, feel free to use the {{Gallery}} Template, you can see it being used on the Deamparado page as an example.

      I had a think about the comics stuff included on pages and I think it should go in trivia, along with the comics images. You can see an example here. Please follow this format, unless you have objections, in which case please let me know what they are.

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    • By the way I also gave a bit of a touchup to the comics pages Desamparados and Blasphemous: The Kneeling- let me know how you liked them.

      ​​​​​Lastly, if you upload ingame screenshots of characters or locations, please make sure they're 1920x1080 with no subtitles.

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    • Ok thanks for everything.

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    • Hi just letting you know I moved the story from "Story Behind the Game" to Blasphemous#Plot

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    • Shure 

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    • Reminder that you can link to pages on the wiki via just page name instead of full URL: [[Page Name]] in source code, or when linking, it's enough to just type in the page's name. For example, for Escribar, you'd do [[Escribar]] or only type in "Escribar" in the link area instead of full URL.

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