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"There are few of us who still care for the sick and ailing. With devout kisses, we bless the wounds of those who seek our protection, thus both we and they remain at the mercy of the Miracle. - Tirso"

Tirso is a Wound Kisser found in Albero.

Can be given several items. See list below.

Gives Linen Cloth in return of the first item he receives, and Tears of Atonement for every subsequent item.

After the last item is given and Quirce, the Boss of Wall of the Holy Prohibitions, is defeated, Tirso will give a Knot of Rosary Rope as reward.

If he is not given a herb before a boss fight, one of his patients will die; his questline can still be finished, but it will not reward the Mediterranean Diet achievement.

Quest: Healing Herbs
There are several items that can be given to Tirso in Albero:
Item Frame.pngItem Bouquet of Thyme.png Bouquet of Thyme

Acquired in Albero after activating the Portal.

Screenshot Location Bouquet of Thyme.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Bouquet of Rosemary.png Bouquet of Rosemary

Can be found in Jondo.

Screenshot Location Bouquet of Rosemary.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Dried Clove.png Dried Clove

Found in the Mountains of the Endless Dusk.

Screenshot Location Dried Clove.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Incense Garlic.png Incense Garlic

Found in the Where Olive Trees Wither.

Screenshot Location Incense Garlic.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Olive Seeds.png Olive Seeds

Found in Patio of the Silent Steps.

Screenshot Location Olive Seeds.jpg
Item Frame.pngItem Sooty Garlic.png Sooty Garlic

Found in the Sleeping Canvases.

Screenshot Location Sooty Garlic.jpg
The order of the items does not seem to matter. He gives rewards in the following order:
Exclamation Mark.png
If Tirso refuses to take the next healing herb, defeat the next boss. Requires confirmation.

If all herbs are given and no achievement rewarded, check the area to the right from Ludovico's house. If there are any new tombstones, it means the achievement is failed and needs to be reattempted in a new save.
Please note that both the Knot of Rosary Rope and the achievement can only be triggered after defeating all thee bosses.

If too many patients died, Tirso will leave Cvstodia.


  • Tirso and the Kissers of Wounds are inspired by St. Francis of Assisi, who took care of, lived with, and befriended lepers. It is also said that he kissed them on the forehead without fear of being infected, hence the name given to this brotherhood.


Achievement Icon Mediterranean Diet.jpg

Mediterranean Diet
Save all Kissers of Wounds.


First Encounter Sorrowful be the Heart, Penitent One. Welcome to Albero, sanctuary to this humble brotherhood of the Kissers of Wounds.

Few remain here who can still employ it, but Tirso is my name.

There are few of us who still care for the sick and ailing.

With devout kisses, we bless the wounds of those who seek our protection, thus both we and they remain at the mercy of the Miracle.

Talking Again Time outside these walls passes by strangely, in sundowns we need not contemplate.

But if your penance happens to carry you under said skies, be so kind as to bring us some ingredients for our ointments.

The will in the Miracle shall show you which ones they are.

Greeting Sorrowful be the Heart, Penitent One full of clemency.
After Given First Herb Merciful be, Penitent One. With your contribution, the work of this brotherhood carries on.
Talking The Virtuous Pain flogs us time after time. Oh! When will it be satisifed?
After Giving All Herbs The Miracle has been merciful to us.

As long as this brotherhood has brothers, even if just one, there will be hope for the ill.

Take this as a token of gratitude, Penitent One in piety.

Missing Description. The Miracle is taking us away, one after the other. Could we avoid this fate that is imposed on us from the High Wills?
Missing Description. Penitent One, where will we go, afflicted and devout, when the sun of life sets on us?
Missing Description. That which you carry with you... You have embraced...punishment, Penitent One. Is it your desire for the Miracle to keep you in mind more than the rest of us?

It is not my responsibility, but beware of the twisted paths where that communion will lead you.

Missing Description. How many more trials must we overcome?

We will soon be reunited with the Punishment and with the punished on the way of the Old Processions, on the other side of the Dream.