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"Liberated, you three prayed as one
Liberated, you three pleaded as one
Liberated, you three were born as one."

Tres Angustias is a boss in Blasphemous, found in Grievance Ascends.

They are three women wearing black dresses, two of them wielding spears and the third one a bludgeon.

Item descriptions and dialogue indicate that this may be a representation of the three sisters that became Altasgracias and that they are the source of the triune groan that resounds through Jondo. It is possible that this boss symbolizes the anguish and pain of the three sisters.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Floating: They form in a triangular pattern, rotating in a circle. One of the three will shoot their weapon at where the Penitent One is standing after a short aim period. Either one of the spearwomen or the one holding the large, double-ended bludgeon. If a spearwoman shoots, it will project where it’s going as it rotates in place before being fired. If the bludgeoner throws the bludgeon, it will boomerang in a circle and return.
  • Line Up: They line up vertically against one of the left or right walls, shooting their weapons at the Penitent One in order. The bludgeon is thrown only once, as it takes a significant amount of time to encircle the bludgeoner and return.
  • Form Up: They disappear into a large black blob in the center of the screen. Damage can be dealt during this state. The three form into one giant woman. After a short delay, she erupts into a huge beam of light, which will damage the Penitent One. In giant woman form, Tres Angustias can still be damaged the easiest, but it is advisable to dodge before the laser explodes.

Phase 2 is very similar to phase 1, except Floating and Line Up result in more shots being fired. Form Up will also result in two lasers being shot on opposite sides of each other.

Phase one is relatively simple to deal with, just get hits in when possible. Preferably not during the Line Up moveset because Tres Angustias is difficult to dodge and hit in that phase with the bludgeon swirling around. Focus on attacking in the other two stages. During Phase 2, it might be difficult to attack even during the Floating moveset, so try to maximize damage during Form Up if dodging is difficult.


Achievement Icon Dance of Death.jpg

Dance of Death
Beat the Tres Angustias.

Relevant Item Descriptions

Item Frame.pngItem Cante Jondo of the Three Sisters.png

Cante Jondo of the Three Sisters

Liberated, you three prayed as one
Liberated, you three pleaded as one
Liberated, you three were born as one
Free and holy, of grace Divine
You are no longer three, you are now one.




  • Tres Angustias can be translated from Spanish as "Three Anguishes" or "Three Sorrows".
  • Tres Angustias concept seems to have been inspired by the three statues known as "The Three Virgins of Anguish", that are used in Holy Week in Sevilla, Spain.
  • Alternatively, their design with a black dress may also have been inspired by the image of "Our Lady of Sorrow", a statue of Mary wearing black clothes that can be seen in Tenerife, Spain.
  • Their Concept Art shows each lady wields a different weapon: a bludgeon, a spear, and a mirror.
  • Tres Angustias is triune, three that become one, a trait held sacred in Christianity as a component of the nature of The Holy Trinity and often depicted in Christian art. This component and the roots growing from their fused form parallels The Knot of Three Words.