This page contains a list of bugs in the current version of the game (v2.0.22 - Stir of Dawn).

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Only add bugs to this page if they are consistently replicable in the latest version of the game. If a bug occurs only on a specific platform, make sure to clarify.

Severe bugs:

Missing reward rosary beads for penitence completion on NG+ (affects everyone)
Confirmed fixed for the next patch, will be granted retroactively.
Can't obtain Brilliant Heart of Dawn after beating Laudes, the First of the Amanecidas and droping from platform.
Also confirmed as fixed for next patch. DO NOT drop from the eye platform, or you will need to ascend your save and beat Laudes on a new playtrough.

Exploitable bugs:

Having Pelican Effigy equipped, casting FLASK USE and Zarabanda of the Safe Haven at the same time turns you invulnerable.
Only lasts until you move to the next screen.
NINTENDO SWITCH ONLY - Opening the map while doing a forward lunge attack puts you in a high movespeed state.
Exploitable for speedruns on Switch, similar to Brilliant Heart of Dawn, only works until next screen.
Prieu Dieu teleports don't empty the Chalice of Inverted Verses
Presumably unintentional
Taranto to My Sister can be used to hit Tres Angustias before the fight begins

Minor bugs:

Immaculate Bead makes True Guilt penitence permanently lose all Tears of Atonement on death.
Tiento to your Thorned Hairs fails to protect against some enemy attacks and when performing a charged attack.
Children of Moonlight counter shows 38/38 on NG+
Confirmed fixed for next patch
Tizona sometimes get a stuck sprite after diying
Confirmed fixed for next patch
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