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Hello, my name is The Embraced One or TEO, and I was a former Fandom Wiki Manager until March 6th 2020, but I am still around on my regular communities (see below).

I started out editing the then-abandoned Hollow Knight Wiki in March 2017, and developed a habit of meticulously building up Wikis from scratch, namely the Nioh, Sekiro and Blasphemous Wikis. You can see a list of my contributions below.


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Contributions as Editor/Admin

Fandom Wiki Status Contributions
Hollow Knight (User Page · (Message Wall) Active 18,000+
Blasphemous (User Page · (Message Wall) Maintenance 3500+
Baba Is You (User Page · (Message Wall) Maintenance 1000+
Elden Ring (User Page · (Message Wall) Dormant n/a
Bleak Faith (User Page · (Message Wall) Dormant n/a
Inmost (User Page · (Message Wall) Dormant n/a
EITR (User Page · (Message Wall) Dormant n/a
Sekiro - Shadows Die Twice (User Page · (Message Wall) Maintenance ~8000
Nioh (User Page · (Message Wall) Maintenance ~9500

Wikidot Wiki Status Contributions
Dark Souls 1 Wikidot Inactive ~650
Dark Souls 3 Wikidot Inactive ~4000
Bloodborne Wikidot Inactive ~150
SoulsLore Wikidot Inactive ~2200

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