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This page will feature what tasks are being done by whom and also where help is needed. If you wish to contribute, feel free to pick a task and mark it as yours by adding your name to it. Alternatively, see here for missing information.

Missing Info[]

To-Do Status
Character dialogue in progress by The Embraced One
Items missing pages, or with empty content:
  • Severed Right Eye of the Traitor
  • Broken Left Eye of the Traitor
  • Key Grown from Twisted Wood
  • Incomplete Scapular
  • Scale of Burnished Alabaster
Bosses missing pages:
  • Sierpes
  • Isidora, Voice of the Dead
Achievements in progress by The Embraced One
Children of Moonlight locations:
  • Nº38 location screenshot missing.
Blood Perpetuated in Sand locations:
  • Some locations beyond the 20 currently listed may be missing.

Missing Images[]

To-Do Status
Items that need low quality images replaced:
Locations: scenery shots: in progress by Shyslyskeleton
Screenshots of enemies:
Location images for characters/bosses
Screenshots of bosses
Screenshots of characters