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"From a place of blessings have I been entrusted with watching over you, Penitent One. Thus it has been arranged."

Viridiana offers the Penitent One help with the following boss fights:

She can only assist the Penitent One with three of these fights. If assented to, Viridiana will be present during the boss fight and will heal the Penitent One on low HP. This healing requires some time to trigger, so it will be canceled if the player immediately heals himself with a Bile Flask. Viridiana is never targeted or damaged by boss attacks.

Viridiana appears increasingly older each time when her assistance is used. She will die after the third fight, granting the player the Last Breath Achievement. The player can keep Viridiana alive by refusing her assistance or simply ignoring her whenever she appears.

Achievement Icon Last Breath.jpg

Last Breath
Witness the last moments of Viridiana.

If she's kept alive through all five boss fights listed above, she will appear next to the game's final Prie Dieu, between Crisanta of the Wrapped Agony and His Holiness Escribar boss fights. She says that she is not able to help directly, and gifts the Zarabanda of the Safe Haven Prayer, which summons shields that damage enemies and protect the Penitent One from projectiles.





First Encounter From a place of blessings have I been entrusted with watching over you, Penitent One. Thus it has been arranged.

My name is Viridiana. I have been granted a gift with which I can assist you in carrying your burden if required, but only you can make that choice.

Offering Assistance before a Boss Encounter Penitent One in silence, will you require my assistance with your next task?
Giving Assent So be it.
Giving Dissent Here I shall remain, lest you change your mind.
Encounter after assisting in one boss battle Penitent One, do not be troubled by me or my outward appearance, now changed and seasoned. This might be... a small price to pay for such joyous alliance.
Encounter after assisting in two boss battles Pay no heed to the wrinkles of my skin, the hair that grows silvery or my trembling legs. Our pact has yet to be concluded, as has your arduous enterprise.
Encounter after assisting in three boss battles I feel fortunate to partake in this victory.

Before I depart, I want these words to accompany you, so that you remember our pact.

Penitent One in silence, now resume your journey.

Encounter prior to reaching Escribar What you seek lies at the end of these long stairs.

That which proclaimed itself The True and Holy Truth has long been hiding there.

Behind these doors, The Affliction itself laments in its own confusion and deformity.

The journey has been long, but your task is about to be completed.

Although I have been barred from entering such a slanderous abode, these words are free to accompany you.

((Veridian grants the Penitent One the prayer Zarabanda of the Safe Haven.))

Penitent One in silence, now resume your journey. I will guard you from afar.