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The Wall of the Holy Prohibitions is the prison of the Church. From petty thieves to chronic heretics, those who have insulted the Church, whether through words or actions, rot away in these cells. The sadistic Inquisitor watches over them, searching for salvation in brutally creative methods of torture.

This area lies west of the Archcathedral Rooftops, and there is a shortcut to the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage via a lift, which can be accessed using the Key of the High Peaks. This lift will reveal a new area in the Convent.

There are numerous jail cells, many of which are interconnected and require keys to unlock. The keys in question are the Key of the Secular, Key of the Scribe, and Key of the Inquisitor. The first two can be obtained within the area and the latter can be purchased from the merchant Candelaria in The Sleeping Canvases. One of the locked cells that requires the Key of the Inquisitor has Cleofas in it if The Penitent One chose the second option in Cleofas's quest.

There is a chalice of Oil of the Pilgrims and Confessor Statue in this area.

The boss Quirce, Returned by the Flames is located here and will catch The Penitent One off guard by having set up a trap floor that breaks into his lair below. After the boss fight, Deogracias will be outside the exit of the boss room, and will tell of Quirce's backstory if spoken to.



Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Empty Bile Vessel.png Empty Bile Vessel

In a silver chest in the first section below the Prie Dieu altar, through a cell that requires Key of the Inquisitor to open.

Item Frame.pngItem Key of the Secular.png Key of the Secular

In a cell whose floor collapses. Requires Key of the Inquisitor.

Item Frame.pngItem Ulna of Koke, the Troubadour.png Ulna of Koke, the Troubadour

In the same cell as the previous item.

Item Frame.pngItem Phalanx of William, the Sceptic.png Phalanx of William, the Sceptic

Behind an illusory wall and guarded by a Lionheart enemy, in the room with prisoners seen in their cells.

Item Frame.pngItem Key of the Scribe.png Key of the Scribe

Through a cell that requires Key of the Secular to open, in the same room as the previous two items.

Item Frame.pngItem Hamate of Vukelich, the Copyist.png Hamate of Vukelich, the Copyist

In a cell with a set of floor spears. Requires Key of the Scribe to reach.

Item Frame.pngItem Temporal of Joel, the Thief.png Temporal of Joel, the Thief

In the same room as the previous three items, in a cell that requires Key of the Scribe to open.

Item Frame.pngItem Jaw of Ashgan, the Inquisitor.png Jaw of Ashgan, the Inquisitor

In the bottom left room, inside a cell that requires Key of the Inquisitor to open.

Item Frame.pngItem Sphere of the Sacred Smoke.png Sphere of the Sacred Smoke

In the same room as the previous item, in the top right. Requires elevators in the room to be positioned in a certain spot.

Item Frame.pngItem Phalanx of Zeth, the Prisoner.png Phalanx of Zeth, the Prisoner

In cell with two sets of floor spears that requires Key of the Inquisitor to open.