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Warden of the Silent Sorrow is the first boss of Blasphemous and can be found in the pits of the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow, the starting/tutorial area. He has green liturgical vestments and an iron mask, and attacks with a gold candelabra. Two of them are also found again later at the Wall of the Holy Prohibitions.

Behaviour and Tactics

  • Jump: The Warden of the Silent Sorrow will make a high jump, possibly causing contact damage.
  • Slam: The Warden of the Silent Sorrow slams the ground with his weapon, causing a shockwave that travels a fair distance.

His attacks cannot be parried, but can be blocked and dodged through easily. His jump is more of a change of position than an attack, causing only possible contact damage.

His slam causes a shockwave, so to avoid it, either jump after getting away from him or slide through his attack. The best way to defeat him is to stick close to him and dodge through his leg when he begins his slam attack.

He does not have a second phase.



Achievement Icon A Long Path Ahead.jpg

A Long Path Ahead
Beat the Warden of the Silent Sorrow.




  • In the game files, the Warden is referred to as "elder brother"