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When old churches were abandoned for not being pure enough, the ground slowly swallowed them up. They twisted and sunk, one by one. Now only ruins remain, each looking like a tombstone in the distance.

Wasteland of the Buried Churches is the area right after Albero. From here, the Penitent One can either continue on to Where Olive Trees Wither or Mercy Dreams, but there are also passages to Bridge of the Three Calvaries and Desecrated Cistern. There are indoor and outdoor sections of the area, with many spikes in both and ladders in the indoor sections. In two areas in the outdoor sections a tree stands in front of the spikes, which can be felled to form a bridge.

When the Penitent One reaches the end of the Wasteland and passes through the door into Mercy Dreams, Esdras will run up towards the door and give dialogue regarding The Penitent One advancing toward "the forbidden gate". This is supposedly referring to the sacred bronze door that guards the Mother of Mothers.

Redento can be found here if the Penitent One has helped him in both Jondo and the Brotherhood of the Silent Sorrow. He will be standing in front of a section of spikes and complain of not being able to go through them. If the tree on the other side of the spikes, he will be able to cross and gift the Little Toe Made of Limestone.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Uvula of Proclamation.png Uvula of Proclamation

Located on the lower level of the first outdoor section, guarded by a Guardainfante.

Item Frame.pngItem Capitate of Barock, the Herald.png Capitate of Barock, the Herald

Located on a small, high platform with a tree in the second outdoor section.

Item Frame.pngItem Tentudia's Carnal Remains.png Tentudia's Carnal Remains

In the third outdoor section, the level below the bridge to the far right. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reach.

Item Frame.pngItem Little Toe Made of Limestone.png Little Toe Made of Limestone

Given by Redento after felling the tree that allows him to cross over the spikes.




  • In pre-release updates, this area was named "Cemetery of Churches".