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The hills were once populated by blooming olive trees, but now the branches are barren and whatever fruits still remain are frozen. This is the beginning of any hopeful nun's pilgrimage to the Convent of Our Lady of the Charred Visage, and where they gathered olives to use the holy oil for sacred ceremonies. The frozen bodies of heretics and criminals left in cages hanging from the trees sway in the cold winds.

This area can be accessed via Wasteland of the Buried Churches and precedes Graveyard of the Peaks. Upon arriving in this area, just before the Prie Dieu altar, the NPC Gemino is found inside an iron statue attached to a large tree. Speaking to him will trigger his quest line. There is a secret cave in this area that can be accessed either by completing Gemino's quest or with a relic acquired much later.

The Lady of the Six Sorrows can be found shortly before the Graveyard of the Peaks.

There is no boss in this area.




Points of Interest

Item Frame.pngItem Radius of Helzer, the Poet.png Radius of Helzer, the Poet

Near the entrance from the Wasteland of the Buried Churches.

Item Frame.pngItem Golden Thimble.png Golden Thimble

Given by Gemino when first spoken to.

Item Frame.pngItem Frozen Olive.png Frozen Olive

At Gemino's tree once his quest line is complete.

Item Frame.pngItem Incense Garlic.png Incense Garlic

In the first cave just below a climbable wall.

Item Frame.pngItem Remains of Tentudia's Hair.png Remains of Tentudia's Hair

On the other other side of a double-sided climbable wall, through an opening, and past several Cimbalillo and Dirt Diver enemies.

Item Frame.pngItem Saeta Dolorosa.png Saeta Dolorosa

In a secret section of the first cave. Requires either completing Gemino's quest line or Linen of Golden Thread to reach.

Item Frame.pngItem Coccyx of Daniel, the Possessed.png Coccyx of Daniel, the Possessed

In the secret cave area that can be accessed either by completing Gemino's quest or using Linen of Golden Thread. Requires Blood Perpetuated in Sand to reach.




In the pre-release updates, the area was referred to as "Frozen Mountains".