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Bead braided in a spiral motion, covered with a light coat of varnish that has protected it from the wear and tear of the years. A mother's hands worked these strands and blessed them. Their influence provides protection from toxic damage.

Sold by Candelaria in the Sleeping Canvases for 8.png 4000.


When she was to be taken to the campfire, the inquisitors took the baby from her arms, and she screamed, begging for the child to not see her burn. The boy, who stared at her from afar, drenched in tears, was blindfolded: the blindfold was immediately moistened. The bonfire was surrounded by people, there to see the execution. They screamed, calling her a witch and heretic. When the flames started licking the pile of firewood, she asked a kind soul to build a wicker figure in her image and size, and to place the child in its arms so the baby would not miss her. And so they did, and when the figure was built, they placed the bawling child in its arms, and the orphan immediately stopped crying. The Miracle was merciful once again.